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Bob Giles

True to form, the time is flying by! Since we last posted here, a lot has happened. There are several images that accompany this post. They can be accessed by either clicking here or by selecting them from the dropdown menu under ‘Gallery’.

We managed to catch up with friends Neal and Bev on Friday 18th April. We started off in Joy’s Bar in Petriti which we had never visited before. It was very comfortable and not over-priced.… Continue reading

This is our first post for April 2014 and I must confess that it is a little late but then there are no surprises there!

We have much to look forward to this April. Chronologically, on the domestic front both Tricia and I have (independent) trips to the UK planned. We have Easter to look forward to which is the same as in the UK this year. (Easter Sunday is the 20th April.) We have our son David and daughter-in-law,… Continue reading

Since we last posted, the weather has been pretty good. With the exception of one day, we have escaped rain. Monday, 10th March saw my first foray into strimming the land.It was the first time that I had used the strimmer since Stefanos had replaced the clutch. What a difference! It was quieter for a start and it cut so much better. I hadn’t realised how badly the worn clutch had been affecting its performance.

Despite a shower overnight,… Continue reading

Hello again everyone!

Not much had been happening since we last posted. Chelsea are 7 points in the lead of the Premier League following a 4 – 0 victory over Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday, 8th March. That put us in good spirits!

The weather was expected to be good on Sunday, 9th March and so we decided that we would take a trip to the south of the island and have lunch either in Boukari or Petriti. It was… Continue reading

It is hard to believe it’s March already. We hope the Welsh contingent enjoyed a happy St David’s Day!

It rained on and off during Saturday, 1st March. I had to venture out to the shops whilst Tricia stayed at home. During the afternoon we watched Fulham v Chelsea which ended with a 1 – 3 scoreline. A very well deserved win by Chelsea who were top of the Premier League. Mind you, we nearly didn’t see the match.… Continue reading

Hi all! We are screaming towards the end of February at an alarming rate. It seems impossible that it is March tomorrow. I guess this seems quick to us because the winter has been so mild here. I don’t suppose that many in the UK are expressing similar sentiments.

I have spent the last two days strimming part of our land as the weather remained dry. However, today we are back to real Corfiot February weather. We awoke to pouring… Continue reading

Like the heading says, Welcome!. We are working hard to try and bring you a slicker site and this is my first post to christen it, so to speak. As we are still in the development stage, I thought it better to get the posts started. Clearly we are now not going to bore everyone with everything that goes on with our lives, just what we think may be of interest.

I thought that I would start with some comments… Continue reading

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